Locker rentals for spring start on April 1 and fall rentals start on August 1.

With respect to social distancing, please consider the following:

  • Please don’t share lockers.
  • If you want to book close to someone you know, choose the same locker height, but select lockers about 15 numbers apart so you aren’t side by side.

No need to break your back everyday carrying around books, laptops, gym clothes and everything else you need during your day at the U of C. Your Students’ Union (SU) offers an affordable locker program to all current undergraduate students. Administered through the SU’s used bookstore, Bound and Copied, approximately 5,000 lockers are available throughout campus. Lockers are rented on a first come, first served basis. Due to the shortage of lockers, and the high demand, students cannot hold more than one locker at a time.

Important Locker Dates


All of the details on renting a locker and your responsibilities can be found on the Locker Rental Agreement. Be sure to read the details. Lockers for all sessions can be rented through Once you’re in the Student Centre, click on Locker Reservation from the quick access box at the bottom of the page.

Locker Fees

  • Two(2) semesters
  • $50.00 – Large locker $40.00 – Small locker
  • One(1) semester
  • $25.00 – Large locker $20.00 – Small locker

Please note:

  • Locker fees will automatically be added to the student’s fee schedule;
  • There are no cancellations or refunds after the fee deadline;
  • There are no changes after the combinations are released;
  • There is a $25.00 replacement fee for damaged or missing locks;
  • There is a $10.00 charge per bag to retrieve belongings left in lockers after the rental period has expired. Please keep in mind items will only be held for 60 days after the clean out has been completed.


Arts – 6th floor, North/South & 7th Floors
Craigie Hall – Block C basementBlock E basement, Block E 2nd floor, Block F 2nd floor, Block F basement – North, South
Education Block – Main Floor, Basement
Engineering – Block E: Basement, Block G: Basement
Kinesiology – Block A – Main Floor, 2nd Floor, basement
Math Science – Main Floor
Murray Fraser Hall – main floor-next to Tim Horton’s, 2nd Floor
Professional Faculties – Main Floor, 2nd Floor
Social Sciences – Basement
Science Theatres – BasementMain Floor
Science A – Main Floor
Science B – Main Floor


Locks assigned for lockers are NOT regular combination locks. Please follow these instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary frustration:

  • Combinations are available on the PeopleSoft Student Center starting the first day of class;
  • Turn dial to the right, passing ‘0’ twice and then stopping at the combination’s first number;
  • Turn dial to the left, passing the second number once before stopping on the second number;
  • Turn dial to the right, stopping on the third number;
  • Turn dial to the left until it stops and, while holding it at that position, pull down on the lock to open (this last step needs to be done simultaneously or the lock will not open).


Locker must be cleared of personal contents by the last day of exams at the end of each Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer semesters. If lockers are not cleaned out by the designated time period items will be removed and held by your SU at Bound & Copied for a period of 60 days at which time contents will be donated to charity. Obtaining your items after you have missed the deadline to clean out your locker If you have missed the deadline to clean out your locker, within the 60 day holding period, there is a $10.00 charge per bag to retrieve belongings left in lockers. To obtain your items please fill out the following form:

Locker Contents Retrieval

Locker Retrieval Form

  • Description of Locker Contents