The program is open to all current campus community members including students, faculty and staff. We do not accept alumni. The SU Volunteer Services Tax Program is run by a team of volunteers and can EFILE or provide a mail-in tax return to clients. Any member of the campus community can use this free service provided individuals meet certain qualifying criteria, listed below.

To be an ELIGIBLE client to use our free service, you must meet our eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a current university student or staff member
  • Individuals must have an income of less than $35,000
  • Married/common-law couples must have a combined income of with less than $45,000
  • Single parents with income less than $45,000
  • Have less than $1000 in interest income.
  • Must not own rental property or have rental income
  • Must not own foreign property
  • Must not have capital gains or losses
  • Must not be self-employed or have employment expenses

Unfortunately, we cannot process returns for individuals who do not meet our eligibility requirement.

Please call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) if you need to find out about missing information, have questions about your file, and instructions on obtaining your Notice of Assessment (NOA). We are unable to contact the CRA on your behalf due to sensitivity issues with regards to client confidentiality. The CRA can be contacted at the individual income tax inquiries line: 1-(800)-959-8281.


Checklist of documents and information you will need to bring. Not all documents will apply to you. Click on the document to see the sample.