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The Students' Union Tutor Registry is a free, online searchable database of qualified university students and alumni offering tutoring services in a wide range of subjects.

You can filter the tutors by their faculty of association or by entering the course name and number in the search box. Use the course name/number format: CPSC-411. You also may search on the course name or number alone for a more general search.

Nishtha - MBA - Negotiable

Courses: ACCT 217, 301, 323,341,343,359,361,443,445,465,559, FNCE 317,341,443,447,451,461,463,465. Teaching is not merely a profession for me; it is my passion, my…
Price: $30.00

Uzair - CPA - Fixed Rate

ACCT-341, ACCT-343, ACCT-421, ACCT-423, MGST-391, ACCT-217, COMS-363, ACCT-323, ACCT-425, ACCT-361, ECON-355, ECON-201, ECON-203, ACCT-443 I have a great passion for…
Price: $75.00

Nyasha - Business - Negotiable

STAT 213, STAT 217 Tutoring is my passion and I’m very excited to work with you. Send me a message…
Price: $40.00

Sylvia - MBA - Negotiable

ACCT 217, ECON 201, ECON 203, FNCE 317, FNCE 451, FNCE 473 I am a MBA student who passed CFA…
Price: $30.00

Mollick - Master in Business Administration - Negotiable

FNCE 601, FNCE 755, FNCE 751, FNCE 759, FNCE 795, FNCE 789.02, ACCT 217, ACCT 601, ACCT 603 6 years…
Price: Free