Beyond attending Students’ Legislative Council (SLC), your elected representatives participate in SLC committees. SLC appoints these committees and delegates specific authority and responsibilities to them. SLC committees help the SU develop policy, administer programs, and engage with the needs of the student body.

Each SU Committee has a Terms of Reference, a policy that details the mandate (or purpose) of the committee, its size, membership qualifications, and reporting requirements. Positions on SU Committees remain open until filled.

  • SLC committees require the leadership and participation of SU executive members. However, many committees offer opportunities for current SLC members and non-elected students (students-at-large) to participate in committee work.

    Representing the student voice on an SU committee is a rewarding experience. From influencing the direction of policy or financial decisions to gaining valuable professional and work experience – membership on an SU committee comes with a number of professional and personal opportunities.

    The SU often looks for volunteers to sit on committees. Ideal candidates have a sincere concern for student interests and should be comfortable speaking in a committee or professional meeting setting. Diplomacy, organization, and level-headedness are qualities that would be of benefit to an SU committee.

    All student-at-large committee members serve on the committee from the time they are appointed until April 30th.

  • If you are interested in applying to become a committee representative, please use the downloadable version of the application form. It’s important your application be as complete as possible, as applicants are selected solely based on the information provided.

    Download the application here:

    Note: The Refugee Student Program Committee has its own application.

    Please address your submission and any questions or comments to:

    Michael Hedgecock, Coordinator, Student Support Students’ Union, University of Calgary MSC 251, 2500 University Drive N.W. Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4


  • The Refugee Student Program is looking for a student-at-large or elected official to sit on the Refugee Student Program Committee. Download this document to begin your application. Application deadline is Monday, May 27 at 4:00 PM

  • The Programs and Services Committee is looking for a student-at-large or elected official to sit on this committee. Download this document to begin your application. Application deadline is Thursday, May 9 at 4:00 PM

Committees of the SLC

Committees of the SLC can consist of various SU Government officials, Student Legislative Council member, UCalgary professionals, and student-at-large undergraduates.

Position descriptions for these committees are below:


  • Terms of Reference (ToR) can be found on the SU Policies page.

    Members: VP Internal as Chair, all Executive and up to three (3) SLC members

    Description: This committee supports the Students’ Legislative Council by overseeing the Students’ Union’s finances and operations. Its tasks include reviewing and recommending approval for items like the budget, auditing statements, and borrowing plans. It supervises expenditures beyond the budget, ensures financial compliance, and evaluates executive decisions. Furthermore, this committee serves as the final approving authority for appointments to Committees of the SLC. This committee’s responsibilities ensure financial stability, transparency, and effective operations.

  • Terms of Reference (ToR) can be found on the SU Policies page.

    Members: President as Chair, all Executives

    Description: The University and Government Relations Committee’s main purpose is to share relevant information among elected officials on to the relationship between the Students’ Union, Graduate Students’ Association, the University of Calgary, and government. This body meets monthly to review and develop a response to issues that affect undergraduate students.