Quality Money

At many post-secondary institutions across the country students, staff, and faculty have little say in how finances are invested in academic programs and campus life in general. Thanks to your Students’ Union (SU), the University of Calgary (UCalgary) campus community has access to a resource that allows them to create and implement projects and initiatives identified as priorities for students. This resource is Quality Money.

Quality Money is a unique partnership between your SU and UCalgary. Each year the SU is provided with approximately $1.65 million from the UCalgary Board of Governors to invest in projects that will enhance the overall quality of student experience.

Each fall semester, the SU invites Quality Money proposals from students, faculty and other members of the campus community. The major stipulation of these proposals is that the project or initiative must contribute to one of the Quality Money Funding Pillars, which can be found in the application guidelines and in the Project Evaluation Procedure.

Looking for More Information?

The SU provides a summary report of approved projects to the Board of Governors annually. If you wish to see a report for a given year, please contact us with your request at: reception@su.ucalgary.ca


Submissions for 2024-2025 Quality Money Program will reopen in August 2024.


Although there is no perfect science to submitting an application, there are certain aspects that the Quality Money Committee looks for to help them evaluate each project. This application guide and tip sheet will cover everything you need to know to help make your submission as strong as possible. It also includes guidelines for the SU Sustainability Fund.


Please be aware that due to the changes with the application process for the Quality Money Program and Sustainability Fund Program, we will ONLY BE ACCEPTING THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE APPLICATION DOCUMENT. As of August 2023 the current application document is:


Application documents prior to August 2023 will not be accepted. 

Completed applications for the Quality Money Program and the Sustainability Fund Program must be submitted via email before 4:00PM on November 24, 2023 to:

Michael Hedgecock <michael.hedgecock@ucalgary.ca>


For Quality Money Program and Sustainability Fund Program projects, please use the appropriate logo provided in this download on websites, in newsletters or emails, or on posters or printed materials. This package also includes a PDF template for a plaque, to be used when acknowledging renovations.

If a logo is not appropriate for the medium please use this wording: A Quality Money project, brought to you by your Students’ Union.

We would love to help you promote and celebrate your Quality Money project or program. Please tag us @SUUofC when referencing your project on Instagram.


Project Holders must provide an interim report on March 15 every year their initiative is active. A final report is due 30 days after the Project End Date specified in their contract. Please use the report template below for all project reporting or extension requests.


An original proposal from your SU, Quality Money funding was first secured from the University Board of Governors (BOG) by your SU in 2003 as part of the annual ‘tuition consultation’. The first Quality Money allocation totaled $800,000. However, the money was not allocated until 2004. Since 2004, the Quality Money initiative has grown both financially and in scope. In 2005, due to the previous year’s success of the program, funding allocation increased to $1,377,601.56. Since then, annual funding allocation from BOG has been, on average, approximately $1.4 – $1.65 million to fund student-directed initiatives that enhance the quality of student life on campus.

Since 2004, almost $25,000,000 has been awarded to Quality Money initiatives. Past Quality Money projects have included funding for physical space changes to create needed meeting space, study space and lockers, as well as collaborative spaces like the Q Centre and SU Clubs areas. It has enhanced sustainability by supporting bicycle transportation-related projects and the community garden. It has increased academic opportunities through book loan and bursary programs, enhanced university library resources and new library spaces, and provided much-needed computer and laboratory equipment. Quality Money has also funded projects to support the health and wellness of students, such as the flu clinic, mental health initiatives, sexual violence prevention projects, and updating prayer space.


Quality Money is an excellent example of collaboration between your SU, the university, and the student body. The Quality Money proposal process allows the SU to determine where students feel money should be invested on campus. Furthermore, thanks to feedback and proposals received through the Quality Money program, the SU is better able to inform the university about the priorities and concerns of students. Your SU uses feedback from students in determining where to invest Quality Money each year. The Quality Money Committee reviews proposals and approves a certain number each year based on the proposed overall benefits for students. Projects that have been approved are usually announced in the spring. The following is a summary of Quality Money approved projects since the program’s inception in 2004.


For Quality Money projects that specifically address Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity projects, please see the list here.

    1. International Student Financial Need Bursary – Renewal: $150,000.00
    2. OSCE-GPT: $35,797.00
    3. Black Lounge Renovation: $500,000.00
    4. Subsidized Food Market at the Nest: $85,000.00
    5. A Space of Her Own: $120,000.00
    6. Google Indoor Maps Implementation: $25,751.42
    7. Sexual and Gender Based Violence Prevention and Education Initiative: $147,400.00
    8. Equitable Pathways to Undergraduate Research: $448,800.00
    9. Black Community Leaders Scholarship: $350,000.00
    10. Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation Scholarship: $20,000.00
    11. Menstrual Equity on Foothills Campus: $45,436.50
    12. SU Quality Meal: $150,924.96
    13. Democratizing AI at UCalgary: $55,000.00
    14. Reducing financial barriers for Work-Integrated Learning and Undergraduate Research: $316,480.00
    1. MacEwan Electric Delivery Vehicle Project: $102,756.00
    2. Kinesiology Aquatic Study Loft: $37,182.26
    3. Spyhill Exam Center: $208,300.00
    4. ENGAGE – Online Clubs Management System Renewal: $240,000.00
    5. Decolonizing Healthcare Congress: $142,750.00
    6. Student Run Tutoring (SRT) Program: $97,300.00
    7. Writing Symbols Lodge Red Lodge (student lounge) Renovation: $183,600.00
    8. Council Chambers Tech Upgrades & Accessibility: $139,292.94
    9. Design Your UCalgary Coaching Program: $33,405.63
    10. Mental Health Bursary: $700,000.00
    1. SU Quality Money “Able” Award: $22,500.00
    2. SU Indigenous Scholarship: $50,800.00
    3. SU Excellence in Volunteerism Award: $25,000.00
    4. SU Volunteer Tax Program Laptop Renewal: $38,000.00
    5. Pre-pathways to Education for Indigenous students in Southern Alberta (PEISSA): $659,170.00
    6. Neurodiversity Immersive Campus Experience: $20,977.74
    7. Faculty of Nursing COVID-19 Leadership Scholarship: $24,000.00
    8. Classroom Visit Initiative to Support Student Wellbeing and Academic Development: $58,400.00
    9. Renovation of the Science Theatre 138 Study Space: $64,085.18
    10. Embracing Diversity in Medicine Through Public Art: $79,885.44
    11. Social Work Practicum Support Fund Renewal: $15,000.00
    12. UCalgary Recovery Community: $233,015.00
    13. Elders in Residence Program: $4,456.00
    14. Students’ Union Website Upgrade: $30,619.05
    15. MacEwan Building Accessible and Gender-Inclusive Washroom (Part 2): $85,723.92
    16. MacEwan Building Perimeter Locking System: $516,306.61
    17. Residence Outdoor Study Space: $234,800.00
    1. MacEwan Building Accessible and Gender Inclusive Washroom: $81,280.00
    2. SU Sustainability Fund Renewal: $150,000.00
    3. SU Pride Scholarship: $60,500.00
    4. Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Advocacy (IDEA) Awards: $15,000.00
    5. Students Union Open Education Resources Fund (OERF): $500,000.00
    6. Expanding Open Textbook and OER Findability at UCalgary Through a Student Librarian Co-op: $23,850.00
    7. Implementation of Suicide Awareness & Prevention Framework: $88,611.00
    8. UpToDate© MD Subscription: $53,965.64
    9. African Studies Program Expansion: $398,700.00
    10. Anti-Racism Training Fund: $20,000.00
    11. International Student Financial Need Bursary: $45,000.00
    12. Wellness and Engagement Platform (Haskayne Wellness Society x WellnessWorld): $92,820.00
    13. Renovation of the Earth Science 160 Study Space: $35,460.25
    14. COVID Student Relief Fund: $150,000.00
    15. Hallway SS 122Z Renovations: $135,700.00
    16. Interactive Directories – MSC & MH: $112,140.00
    17. Free Menstrual Products in MSC Washrooms: $61,579.25
    18. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship (Violet King Engaged Scholar Award): $62,500.00
    19. The Den & Black Lounge Renovation Plans Phase 1: $52,540.00
    1. Interprofessional Mental Health First Aid Training: $39,350
    2. Compassion Cultivation Training: $40,500
    3. Knowledge to Action: Building Campus Capacity for SDG Implementation: $90,740
    4. ucalgarycares: Indigenous Leadership and Engagement in the Yukon: $41,800
    5. ucalgarycares: Diversifying Participation in Experiential Learning: $28,000
    6. On-Campus Multi-Sensory Room: $8,710
    7. MS 110Z Whiteboards: $14,190
    8. Faculty of Kinesiology Impact Scholarship: $78,000
    9. Functional Fitness Space in the Gold Gym: $70,336
    10. Arts Undergraduate Research Symposium & Arts Alumni Mini-Mentorship Conference: $15,400
    11. SUPERWork: $750,000
    12. Student Activities Fund: $99,000
    13. Service-Learning Program for Diversity: $36,480
    14. Unwind: Bonfire: $4,200
    15. Undergraduate History Journal: $1,000
    16. Engineering Clubs and Teams Projector Screen for Increased Visibility: $363
    17. MacHall Washroom Upgrade: $48,875
    1. Collaborative Learning Spaces in the Doucette Library: $37,118.39
    2. Watt a Kiosk for Taylor Family Digital Library: $24,000.00
    3. TFDL Student Computer Upgrade: $200,723.80
    4. ASIST Program in the Faculty of Nursing: $55,200.00
    5. Science Theatres & Craigie Hall Locker Replacement: $131,390.00
    6. MSC Waste Diversion System: $322.039.27
    7. MSC Food Court Microwaves: $4,212.00
    8. 1st Floor MSC Washroom Upgrades: $306,916.00
    9. 3rd Floor MSC Washroom Upgrades: $346,791.00
    10. Social Work Practicum Support Fund: $15,000
    11. Ignite Program: $5,550.00
    12. Student Peer Helper Professional Development Program: $55,000.00
    13. Students’ Union Mental Health Scholarship: $10,500.00
    14. Discipline Specific Learning Support – Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS): $172,853.62
    15. Expanding Counselling Approaches – Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy: $15,220.00
    16. ASSERT (Part 3): $48,690.00
    17. Math Sciences Hallway Carrels: $45,800.00
    18. Level Up: $45,434.13
  • Full list of approved Quality Money projects from 2003 to 2021.