Strategic Plan

The Union Bylaw requires the Students’ Legislative Council to establish a Strategic Plan to guide the SU from a high level as an organization. The plan is required to include a mission statement, vision statement, and a set of organizational values. Every four years, the SU undertakes a review of the Strategic Plan, assessing our progress as an organization towards our mission, vision, and values, and creating recommendations to update the plan as needed to continue the growth and progress of our organization.

The Strategic Plan is intended to provide a longer-term perspective for the organization, and to support Elected Officials (who only hold one-year terms of office) in taking a “big-picture” approach to their goal-setting and resource allocation.

Annual Operating Plan – 81st Executive

During the summer months, we, the 81st executive team at the University of Calgary Students’ Union, immersed ourselves in strategic planning sessions to develop a picture of where the Students’ Union (SU) is today and how it can better serve its membership – the University of Calgary (UCalgary) undergraduate students. We conducted an extensive environmental scan that looked at a range of influences that would impact decisions and directions taken this year. This included considering ongoing initiatives from the previous executive, the directions set out in the 2022-2025 SU Strategic Plan, student feedback from the most recent SU Annual Survey, our election campaign priorities, and the environment that students at the UCalgary live in today. 

We are pleased to present our key priorities and goals for the 2023-2024 year.