Start a Club

Do you feel like there’s a niche on campus that needs to be filled? If you have the perfect idea for a unique club on campus and aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Before beginning the process of registering your own club, make sure to check out our Clubs List to see if there’s a club on campus that is already doing something similar and work towards your goals together. The Students’ Union supports an environment of collaboration rather than competition, and our policies prohibit us from registering duplicate organizations.

Should My Club Register with the SU?

The SU registers clubs according to the Student Organization Registration Procedure. This means that registered clubs must:

  • Be unique in name and mandate
  • Be autonomous, student-run organizations with undergraduate student leadership
  • Have at least 20 members, 2/3 of whom are current undergraduate students
  • Have membership opportunities for all students at the University of Calgary
  • Exist to promote the general welfare of students at the University of Calgary

Remember, student groups do not have to register with the Students’ Union to operate on campus. However, being an SU Registered Club offers a lot of benefits and perks. Check out our Start a Club Guide for a step-by-step process on registering your organization with the SU, and get help writing your club’s constitution using the Constitution Writing Guide below.

The SU shall register new Student Organizations three times a year: once in the Fall, Summer, and Winter terms. Deadlines for new club submissions will be the third Friday of October, February, and June. Registrations must be submitted on ClubHub.

Applications can be submitted at anytime throughout the year but will not be processed until the deadline. Please expect a minimum of 3 weeks after the deadline for application feedback.