Teaching Excellence Awards


TEA Nominations a for the Winter 2024 session have ended.

Check back here for the winner announcements and more.

2023-2024 Award Winners Announced

The winners for the 2023-2024 Teaching Excellence Awards have been announced. Read our full press release here.

See the 2023-2024 TEA Winner’s Gallery here.

Teaching Excellence Award, a Students’ Choice since 1983.

  • Do you have a professor that inspires you?
  • Is your instructor passionate about teaching?
  • Does your TA always go that extra mile to ensure you succeed?
  • Nominate them for a Teaching Excellence Award!

Since 1984, your SU has invited students to nominate U of C instructors who have had a positive impact on their undergraduate learning experience and academic careers. The SU Teaching Excellence Awards is the only campus-wide recognition program for those instructors who make a long-lasting impact on students.


An exceptional teacher is one who excels in all areas of teaching on a consistent basis. The SU believes excellent teachers:

  • Outline expectations at the beginning of the semester
  • Are able to communicate the subject matter clearly and in multiple ways
  • Show enthusiasm for the subject and teaching in general
  • Have the ability to cultivate thought and initiate discussion
  • Deliver interesting, accurate and organized lectures
  • Are approachable and available to meet outside the classroom
  • Can provide up to date resources to students, beyond the assigned textbook
  • Are fair and consistent in evaluation
  • Motivate and inspire their students
  • Are sensitive to issues of gender, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc.

Please note: The SU Teaching Excellence Awards nominations are open for instructors teaching at the undergraduate level in the semester the nomination is made.


Teaching Excellence nomination forms are available online (see above.) Don’t forget to include examples and give details that will help the committee see why your teacher deserves this award!

Once the nomination period has ended, the SU Teaching Excellence committee will tally up the percentage of nominations each professor or TA received (based on class enrollment). The committee will then visit the top three nominees for each award category and survey the class.

The committee thoroughly reviews all written nominations from students, as well as how the nominee personifies the program criteria. Winners are announced in the spring along with a formal awards ceremony.

For more information about the SU Teaching Excellence Awards contact us at: tea@su.ucalgary.ca

    Dawson Herman Fogen – Science
    Erick Elgin – Science
    Erin Stebner Degelman – Medicine
    Jocelyn Wiltshire – Arts
    Kieran Jimenez – Arts
    Joseph W. Windsor – Arts
    SiRim Kim – Science
    Ilan Danjoux – Arts
    Joe Kadi – Arts
    William N. Holden – Arts
    Dr. J. Kent Donlevy – Education
    Robert Malach – Haskayne School of Business
    Carol Anne Gibbons Kroeker – Kinesiology
    William C. Cole – Medicine
    Aaron Li – Nursing
    Norm Bartley – Schulich School of Engineering
    Dr. Anil K. Mehrotra – Schulich School of Engineering
    Anthony Patrick Russell – Science
    Daved Feder – Science
    Robert William Longair – Science
    Søren R. Boysen – Veterinary Medicine
    Dr. Christie Barron – Arts
    MaryWyatt Sindlinger – Arts
    Scott Radford – Haskayne School of Business
    Diana Mansell – Nursing
    Jo-Anne Brown – Science
    Theodore D. Hellmann – Science
    Chee Ken Wong – Schulich School of Engineering
    Jennifer Davies – Veterinary Medicine
    Teaching Excellence, Hall of Fame
    Reed Ferber – Kinesiology
    William Laing – Arts
  • Award Winner – Faculty
    Mila Gabruck – Arts
    Clara Joseph – Arts
    William Laing – Arts
    Melissa Boyce – Arts
    Christian Olbey – Arts
    Jim Paul – Education
    Scott Radford – Haskayne School of Business
    Reed Ferber – Kinesiology
    Guido Van Marle – Medicine
    Dr. Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio – Medicine
    Jennifer Langille – Nursing
    Annette Lane – Nursing
    Dr. Mark Petovello – Schulich School of Engineering
    Jason Donev – Science
    Anthony Russell – Science
    Yousry Elsabrouty – Science
    Dr. Kyla Flanagan – Science
    Les Jerome – Social Work
    Matt Read – Veterinary Medicine
    Amy Warren – Veterinary Medicine